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News on 12/02/2019

MKW Ultra Pack has been released for NTSC-U users! Download is on the download page

What is Mario Kart Wii Ultra Pack?

Mario Kart Wii Ultra Pack is an unofficial Mario Kart Wii Custom Track Distribution by Cibles and a few others. Its goal is to bring power to Mario Kart Wii that CTGP could not do.

What began Mario Kart Wii Ultra Pack

It started with Cibles. At the time, Cibles was really interested in Waluigi memes. Cibles then came up with this idea about a Texture Track Distribution. They called it, Waluigi Kart Wii. Then Cibles saw this Custom Track Distribution entitled, Mario Kart Wii Variety Pack. They eventually became inspired by that and decided to change Waluigi Kart Wii into a Custom Track Distribution instead.

However, due to limits of memes, they couldn't keep Waluigi Kart Wii alive forever. That is when they decided to create, Mario Kart Wii Ultra Pack.


The Main Goal of Mario Kart Wii Ultra Pack, as stated before, is to make a small distribution, but yet at the same time feel big. CTGP has limits to what it can add, so Mario Kart Wii Ultra Pack's goal is to expand the limits to what Mario Kart Wii can do.

Its a distribution where anything can happen, at any time.


                                       Developers for Mario Kart Wii Ultra Pack!

Special Thanks To:

FancySC - Setting Up Wiimmfi

ZPLMAN - Codes

Tombwarrior - PAL Testing

WoomyLuma - PAL Testing

MrBean35000vr - Making of CTCODE

Chadderz - Making of CTCODE

Bladestorm227 - CTCODE Tutorial

Variety Pack Team - For inspiration

Wiimm - Wiimmfi

davidevgen - no offroad code

Lüî§35000vr - Invisible THP VIdeos

Lüî§35000vr - Itemless Code

FancySC - Help setting up CTCODE

MrBean35000vr - Discovery of Mission Mode

Geeh and MrEvil - Lap Modifier

MrBean35000vr - Speed Modifier

Waluigi Kart Wii Team - WKWIIV1.1 My Stuff

CTGP Team - CTGP My Stuff

Variety Pack Team - Variety Pack My Stuff

Hack Pack Team - Hack Pack My Stuff

Chadderz- SZS Modifier

Chadderz - Ctools

MrDark35000vr - Dtools

Kryal, BlackJax96, libertyernie, and Sammi Husky - BrawlBox

Atlas - Patch that BRSAR!

Wexos -Wexos Toolbox