Objectives for Missions

This is the page for MKW Ultra Pack's Mission Mode!

Here are the objectives:

Destroying Boxes

Star Gates

Coins (Perhaps)


'Special Objectives"


Item Boxes

CPU Racing

Mission Descriptions

Mission 1-1:

Get 5 Miniturbos in Cottonplant Forest!

Mission 1-2:

Get a Boost Start on Luncheon Tour.

Mission 1-3:

Do 10 Miniturbos on Codename: BIGLOOP

Mission 1-4:

Collect 70 Item Boxes in Block Plaza before the time runs out!

Mission 1-5:

Complete a lap on MP9 Toad Road. However, the speed has been increased!

Mission 1-6:

Race King Boo in Wii U Thwomp Ruins! Use Item Boxes to help!

Mission 1-7:

Help Bowser race 11 Princess Peach's!

Mission 1-8

Collect 50 Item Boxes on Icy Road. Cars and Trucks are here to help you!

Mission 2-1

Bowser Jr was playing Minecraft, when he got sucked in! Help him escape the Dry Bones

Mission 2-2

Race Mario on Waterslide!

Mission 2-3

Complete DS Shroom Ridge! However, the speed has been increased!

Mission 2-4

Hit 8 CPU'S with Bob-ombs!

Mission 2-5

Do 10 Miniturbos on N64 Yoshi Valley

Mission 2-6

Mario vs Luigi on Super Sky Courtyard!

Mission 2-7

Toads have gone wild in Toad Town! Calm down the Toads!

Mission 2-8

The invasion of Bean has started!

More Missions to be added in future updates!

Previews for Mission Mode: