How To Install



1) A Wii (Dolphin is not supported yet, it will in later release)

2) A PHYSICAL copy of Mario Kart Wii

3) A Wii with the Homebrew Channel or Riivolution

4) An SD Card with enough space to handle the files in the download

Riivolution Method:

1) On the website go to the Download Page

2) Click on the Download Link provided. Usually, the first one is the latest version

3) There should be a .zip file downloading at the current moment.

4) Once downloaded, put the .zip file on your Desktop

5) Unzip the file by right clicking and clicking on Extract

5) Open the new folder after extracting

6) Three new folders are found inside that folder

7) Place all three folders on the root of your SD Card

8) Load Riivolution

9) Enable the settings you want

10) Click on Launch in the Riivolution Menu

11) Have Fun playing!